Photoshoot with Cherry Blossoms in Central Park 🌸 セントラルパークで子供達とお花見🌸

Spring is FINALLY here

in New York City!

After a loooong winter which felt like forever, spring is finally here in New York City! Cherry blossoms are at its full bloom. Because we New Yorkers did not get to enjoy the spring due to the citywide lockdown last year, spring feels especially amazing this year.


My kids and I spent a whole day in Central Park to enjoy a beautiful sunny spring day. Spring is super short in New York, so better take advantage of it while it lasts! Enjoy our journey starting from Sheep Meadow to the Conservatory Water & Alice in Wonderland Statue with our dear friends.


Her name “Namu” (“tree” in Korean) seems to be resonating with her.

While we were eating lunch on our picnic blanket and admiring the beautiful cherry blossom trees on Sheep Meadow, we witnessed a very NY scene… there were two little girls climbing on cherry blossom trees and shaking its magnificent branch. Right when I was contemplating on how I could tell them it is not a good idea to climb on an old tree like this, this grumpy New Yorker starts shouting her guts out without hesitation;

“Hey kids! You can’t climb on trees! If you want to climb on something, go to the playground and climb on whatever that’s there!”

The whole surrounding crowd froze. The kids are about to cry and ran to their mom. Then, another New Yorker starts shouting at this lady;

“Hey lady! You can’t bring your dog in there! Take your dog outta there! No dogs on Sheep Meadow!”

This raw, uncomfortable interactions between two complete strangers lasted for a good minute. It was so quintessentially New York and I should have jumped into their interactions by saying;

“Hey guys! Why can’t we all just enjoy this beautiful day?!”

But of course, I was not able to be this witty at New York minute…

こんな平和な晴れた春の空の下でも、ニューヨークはドラマに溢れていました。桜の木に登って遊んでいる小さな子供達(日本じゃありえないけど、アメリカなのでみんながそれぞれの常識で生きている・・・)を見た犬散歩中のニューヨーカーのおばちゃんが怒鳴り始めます。「桜の木に登らない!登りたいんなら公園の遊具にでも登ってなさい!」 幸せな空気に包まれていたシープメドウの一角が、凍りつきました。でもさすがニューヨーク。これでは終わりません。今度はその光景を見ていたニューヨーカーのおじちゃんが、「ちょっとあんた!子供達に怒鳴ってるけど、あんたも犬連れてそこに入っちゃだめでしょ!」と、横から攻撃に出ました。叫び合う二人の怒声が響く中、満開の桜の花はひらひら風に揺られていました・・・

Learn more about the history of cherry blossoms trees in NYC, which came from Japan more than a century ago!

セントラルパークの桜は、ワシントンDCの桜と同様、100年以上前に日本から船でやってきた贈り物・・・ 一番搾りとカラオケセットはありませんでしたが、ふるさとの景色を満喫することができてハッピーな気分です。

After our relaxing (and thrilling!) time at Sheep Meadow, we made our way West to the Conservatory Water area on the east side. We ran into a movie shooting site at Bethesda Fountain on the way. It was an HBO show with their cast in 19th century costumes. I love a New York moment like this.


After meeting up with our friends, the kids enjoyed observing the ducks and geese on Conservatory Water. They even found a rat floating there because New York City… They had so much fun exploring the Alice in Wonderland Statue!


Central Park has more than twenty playgrounds all over the park, but I love it the most when they just play in the natural environment and get creative. They were collecting pebbles, twigs and fallen flowers, play pretend cooking and pretend field hockey with tennis ball…


Click here to see where you can find beautiful cherry blossom trees in Central Park!


Send me a message for a photoshoot in the park with your little one(s)!


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