Our Birth Story


Happy New Year! Today I’m sharing my birth story that I wrote when I was so high with mommy hormones 🙂 Hope you enjoy it.

I’m so grateful whenever I think back about my birthing experience. I was blessed to have a healthy and happy pregnancy followed by a calm birth in water. It is all thanks to my husband, who fully supported me both mentally and physically. Not only he came to every single prenatal checkups, and our Hypnobirth classes, he also supported my decision to leave the care of doctors at a hospital and switch to midwives at a birth center. I know that an idea like unmediated birth in water is not everyone’s cup of tea. But he supported me and believed in me. He did so in such a gracious way. He encouraged me to get tons of rest at home, and even extra support from doulas, lactation consultants, and chiropractors, which were much needed for the smooth natural birth I had wished for.

Our daughter was finally ready to meet us on a hot summer full moon night. The signs started coming to me around noon, and the pressure peaked by the evening. I stayed calm and kept moaning to ease the overwhelming impact I was feeling. We got to our birth center at night with full dilation. I got into the birthing pool, and I was comforted with its relaxing warm water. It helped me to let go of all the tensions in my muscles. I kept my eyes closed and focused on my breathing. Nobody was telling me to “push”, and everybody worked together to maintain a calming environment in a cozy, homelike room with comfortable dimmed lights. At one point, I was even smiling with joy. Only an hour later I got into the pool, my baby came into my arms with half of her head still covered in her membrane, like she was wearing a veil. I was so happy to be surrounded by such a powerful team of midwives and a doula, my mother who held my hand, and my husband who was behind me the whole time and kept reminding me to breathe deeply. I was filled with happiness to finally meet our baby, and it felt like she knew exactly how to meet us too.

I’m forever thankful for this experience, and I owe it all to my brave hubby, and our baby.


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