How We Started Elimination Communication/Diaper-Free Baby (おむつなし育児)


We started our journey with Elimination Communication when our daughter was around 4 months old. It seemed like a perfect timing because she was able to hold up her neck still around that time.

見つめ合うキャッチの時間/Attempting to “catch” while looking at each other in the eyes


「… うんっ!」



Our first attempt to “catch” her poo/pee was a complete success which got me so hooked to elimination communication. I hadn’t even bought a potty or a toitlet seat reducer, and have been making excuses not to start it. But one morning, after nursing, I tried holding her over our toilet to see what happens because that was her usual timing to poo/pee. Surprisingly, after TWO SECONDS of me holding her over the toilet, she has pooped right into the toilet!

それ以来、トイレでキャッチする彼女のうんちのことを、うちでは”poopzooka” (poop/うんち+ bazooka/バズーカ)と、うちでは呼んでいます… そのくらい、パワフルに、勢いよくしてくれるんです。オムツの中は実現できない、広い空間への排泄。それはさぞ気持ち良かったんだと思います。終わった後のすっきりした表情も、オムツの時の何倍もの爽快感でいっぱいの笑顔。こんなに小さな赤ちゃんでも、大人と全く同じように排泄を通してすっきりと気持ち良さを感じられるのだと、初めてのキャッチから、読み取ることができました。

We jokingly started to call her “poopzooka” because it was literally as if she was shooting a bazooka 😀 She was a tiny little baby, but when she poops into a big open-space toilet, it was so powerful and strong! This is something impossible to do in a diaper, which is a completely closed-space. Her facial expression of massive relief gave me so much more joy than when she went in her diaper. Even for this tiny person, she was feeling great through elimination just like us adults. I could not think of myself going in diapers, that thought grosses me out. That must be the same for babies, and it is us adults who train them to go in diapers. (And we are the ones that need to train them to be out of diapers later on…)



Elimination communication is sometimes called diaper-free baby. But in fact, you can have your babies in diapers. You just need to train yourself to know when your baby would go, and you will support her/him over toilet/potty so they can go outside of their diapers for comfort. I know it might sound funny to some people, but once you start it, it is so much fun.


通常のトイレットトレーニングとは違い、新生児の頃からも始められるおむつなし育児は、大人がリードし、赤ちゃんの排泄のタイミングをつかんであげる必要があります。どれだけおむつの外で「キャッチ」ができるのかどうかというのは、ゲームのようでとてめた楽しいのです。キャッチのタイミングを逃さないために、赤ちゃんがいったいいつ排泄したいのか、どんなパターンや、サインがあるのか… 赤ちゃんの一挙一動に注意深く観察して、おむつの外で気持ちよくキャッチしてあげる… 英語ではelimination (排泄)communication といわれるこの育児法は、まさしく排泄を通じて子供とコミュニケーションすることであり、トレーニングではないのです。今日は何回キャッチできたかな♪と、楽しく振り返る日もあれば、ミスが多かった日でも、深く心を通わせることができた一回のキャッチがマイルストーンになる日もある。4か月から始めた私は、今のところそんな風にとらえながら、赤ちゃんとのふれあいの時間として楽しんでいます。

Elimination communication is not a traditional toilet training. In fact, it is not a training for babies, it is a training for parents to learn your babies timings of poo/pee. It is actually like a game, and I enjoyed counting how many times I can “catch”. You don’t need to be a so-called “helicopter parent”, you just need to closely observe your baby’s actions and facial expressions when they want to go, and once you learn it, you simply take their diaper off. It is literally a way to communicate with your baby, and not a training. Some days I managed to “catch” a lot, some days I have “misses”. We started when she was 4 months old, and I enjoy our elimination communication as a chance for bonding.


A few days after my first “catch, we got a Baby Bjorn Potty and Dreambaby Soft Touch Potty Seat. Because she cannot hold herself still on either one of them, I need to support her on it. This actually creates a sweet opportunity (or potty-tunity) for bonding and communication. When you are nursing or playing with your baby, it is easy to have your cell phone around. But when you are aiming for a “catch”, you need a 100% attention to your baby and I love how this gives me a time for intimate communication. It doesn’t take a long time, but it is a time filled with love and care.


最近はパパも楽しんでキャッチするようになりました♪ おむつなし育児に出会えたことで、家族みんなの絆も深まりました。今後どんな展開を見せるのか、またレポートしていきたいと思います。

Not only it gives you a sense of bonding, it gives you other benefits. Your baby’s butt is always clean, you have less diapers to throw away, less cloth diapers to wash etc… It gave me a chance to really enjoy parenting.

These days, my husband started to enjoy the “catch” as well! Because we are on this journey together, I feel like our family ties is also stronger.

For those of you who want to start, feel free to contact me for book recommendations! I could also suggest support groups on Facebook.

Happy EC to you ❤


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